Installation Metal Detector

Slavutich Technology provides all necessary services for installation, adjustment and entry into service of the complete range of equipment in Ukraine. One of the most significant components of the installation of conveyor metal detectors is a competent, accurate, and most importantly professional installation. Reliability and durability of the subsequent work, as well as the quality of operation depends on the level of installation.


Installation and entry into service of our industrial equipment is made throughout Ukraine, as well as supervised installation - in neighboring countries.

Installation time

High-quality technical specialists of the company allows to reduce the time of installation and time of entry into operation to the minimum possible.

Warranty service

For all equipment manufactured by our company we give at least 12 months of warranty. If during this time a warranty event occurs, our specialists will repair or replace the equipment free of charge.

After the expiration of the warranty period possible to conclude a contract for post-warranty service.

Post-warranty service

After the expiration of the warranty period, Slavutich Technology provides service and technical support for the purchased equipment on a reimbursable basis.

Post-warranty service of industrial equipment includes:

Модернізація Metal Detectorів

Metal Detector upgrade

Upgrate program of obsolete metal detectors "Barrier" allows to replace the old (produced from 1997 to 2011) metal detectors "Barrier" (1M, 3U, 101, 104, 305, 407) to the new metal detectors "Barrier-408", "Barrier-303" and "Barrier-307.


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