Conveyor speed monitoring system DS-77

Speed control relayDS-77

is designed to prevent and analyze possible emergency situations on the conveyor: determine slippage, transverse belt tearing, overload by the transported material, control the acceleration of the conveyor belt at the conveyor start..

Conveyor speed monitoring system DS-77

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Speed Monitor DS-77-IP30 / DS-77-IP30-24

Speed Relay

Controls acceleration, speed, braking of conveyors or nori, registers events, saves graphs "30 seconds before the accident", implements the Modbus RTU/TCP protocol. Supports both 6D103/6D104 speed sensors and PNP, NPN, Milltronics TASS and RBSS, reed switches.

Speed sensor6D103 / 6D104

Conveyor Speed Sensor 6D103

It works according to the principle of the Hall effect or induction type. Constructed with a stainless steel frame, an electronic unit with an IP68 degree of protection, and a wheel with a polyurethane coating for maximum grafting and durability.


Measuring 0...10 m/с ± 0.01

The accuracy is achieved by the 6D103 speed sensor device and the control module processing algorithm.

RS485, Ethernet interfaces

Remote access to change and control all parameters of the speed control device via Modbus protocol.

Work statistics

Generates reports such as: conveyor stop time, power outage time and number of actuations over a specified time range.

Event Log

Logs all events: parameter changes, conveyor status, tank level (bin) status, emergency events, etc.

Four control algorithms

Four algorithms are implemented in the software including «Customer algorithm» which made upon customers request.

Graph "30 seconds before the accident"

In case of conveyor stops, a graph of the speed change over the last 30 seconds before the stop is displayed.


Conveyor speed monitoring system is designed to control acceleration of conveyor belt (as well as other industrial mechanisms) and further control the speed of the belt in a given range by measuring the current frequency of pulses coming from the speed sensor installed on the monitored mechanism.

Besides, Speed monitor DS-77 is an automatic device for stopping the drive in the event of an emergency (breakage of the belt, chain, ropes, tensioning device, belt slipping).

The result of the lack of a speed monitoring system could be: accidents when speeding, fire when the conveyor belt slips, overloading the conveyor by the transported material, etc.

The software implements four control algorithms:

Speed Relay DS77
Conveyor belt speed sensor


Microcontroller with a high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex-M core, RISC architecture processes speed sensor data, implements the interface of the graphical touch LCD display and Modbus TCP / RTU network based on Ethernet and RS485 respectively.

Galvanic insulation of power and speed sensor is used to improve noise immunity of signal circuit, measurement accuracy.

Installation of the device on a DIN rail and a small case width (50 mm) allows to save space and reduce the number of control cabinets at large enterprises.

Work statistics

The statistics of operation of speed relay "DS-77" is intended for the analysis and technical accounting of the device and the production line on which it is installed.

belt speed

Event Log

belt speed sensor

Analysis of emergency situations is performed according to the event data recorder and allows to reliably identify the reasons of emergency situations. The event recorder stores streaming information about the movement of the belt in non-volatile memory. In case of emergency conveyor stops, a graph of the speed change over the last 30 seconds before the stop is displayed.

Conveyor speed monitoring system DS-77

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Obsolete models of the conveyor speed monitoring systems

Speed relay

Production 2011-2018

RS-67M speed relay is designed to replace outdated analog speed relays. The device is controlled via the keyboard and TFT display, the Modbus RTU protocol is implemented.

Speed senor

Production 2012-2020

Unlike the RS-67M speed relay, the DS-67 speed detector has an event recorder function, a touch keyboard, and an extended power supply voltage range of ~85..265V.

Conveyor speed sensors

Production 2015-2022

The DS-87 speed detector combines the functions of controlling the speed and levels of filling the tank with conductive material (conductive sensors). The interface has been improved with a color display with a touch keyboard, the function of operation statistics and the Modbus TCP (Ethernet) protocol have been added.

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