Measuring range 0...10 m/с ± 0.01

The accuracy is achieved by the 6D103 speed sensor device and the control module processing algorithm.

BKS function (resistance control unit)

Monitors the level of filling of tanks and hoppers using the resistance measurement method.

Remote control (RS485, Ethernet)

Remote access to change and control all parameters of the speed control device via Modbus protocol.

Work statistics

Generates reports such as: conveyor stop time, power outage time and number of actuations over a specified time range.

Event Log

Logs all events: parameter changes, conveyor status, tank level (bin) status, emergency events, etc.

Color Touch Screen.

A capacitive touch keyboard and a color LCD screen are used to control the speed control device.

Four control algorithms

In addition to the two standard algorithms there is the algorithm "emulation of PC-67" for the complete functional replacement of outdated speed control devices - RS-67, UKS1.

Graph "30 seconds before the accident"

In case of conveyor stops, a graph of the speed change over the last 30 seconds before the stop is displayed.


Speed control devices are designed to control acceleration of conveyor belt (as well as other industrial mechanisms) and further control the speed of the belt in a given range by measuring the current frequency of pulses coming from the speed sensor installed on the monitored mechanism.

An additional BKS-3 function allows you to control the filling level of tanks, bunkers by measuring the resistance between the sensor electrodes and the tank wall. Actuation threshold adjustment is performed independently for each of the three electrode sensors.

The software implements four control algorithms:

Built-in operation statistics function for a specified time range generates reports to analyze the performance of the line (conveyor operation, conveyor downtime, number of emergencies, etc.)

Speed Detector DS77-IP30
Conveyor belt speed sensor

Work statistics

The statistics of operation of speed control devices "DS-x7" is intended for the analysis and technical accounting of the device and the production line on which it is installed.

belt speed

Event Log

belt speed event log

The event recorder captures all events occurring with speed control devices, sorts and saves them. In addition to the standard events (start/stop of the conveyor belt, over/under speed), the recorder records additionally:

Event recorder data can be saved to an SD card in XLS (Microsoft Excel) format for further analysis, processing and printing.

Comparative table


  • color
  • IP69


  • color
  • IP30
  • display


  • color
  • IP30
  • display


  • monochrome
  • IP30
Speed Detector

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