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Industrial metal detector

We are a leading company with 26 years of experience in the development and production of industrial metal detectors for work with highly enriched and magnetic ores. Since 1997, we have installed over 700 different types of tramp metal detectors for many industries, including metallurgy and mining.

Our first model of the "Barrier" metal detector was developed in September 1997 specifically for the mining and metallurgical complex to process magnetic iron ores. It was the first detector that used digital signal processing, automatic adjustment, and the ability to detect iron and manganese steel, including non-magnetic excavator teeth in a stream of iron ore, without losing sensitivity.

We continuously modernize our "Barrier" metal detectors, maintaining pin-to-pin compatibility with older models. Thanks to this, we ensure support for metal detectors even of the 1997 production year.

Since 2012, we started producing conveyor speed monitoring system, to prevent slippage, transverse belt tearing, and to control conveyor acceleration. Over 11 years, we have supplied more than 3000 units for the construction, metallurgical, and energy industry.

Thanks to continuous development and modernization of technologies, we guarantee our clients reliable and efficient solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

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