Iron ore and metallurgical

iron ore plant

At mining and processing plants, iron ore plants and other enterprises where the transported material contains some percentage of iron/copper/gold/, etc. (up to 70%), it is necessary to prevent foreign metal objects from entering for the safety of cone crushers.

Conveyor metal detector "Barrier-409" is designed for use on belt conveyors of iron ore raw materials with an iron (or other metal) content of up to 70%, while it detects foreign metal objects from manganese steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals with constant sensitivity.

Conveyor metal detectors "Barrier" are used to protect crushers from breakage in the event of ingress of foreign metal fragments during the production of agglomerate in metallurgy.

Metal detectors "Barrier" exclude the ingress of foreign metal fragments into the crusher during the subsequent crushing of the agglomerate.

Construction industry

Brick production

Conveyor metal detectors "Barrier" are used in brick production, where electromagnetic separator can be used to reduce the amount of metal passing on the roller crusher. Electromagnetic separator removes from the belt conveyor only magnetic metals on the surface of the charge.

Metal detector "Barrier" is installed on the belt conveyor after the electromagnetic separator; detects all metals (non-ferrous, cast iron, alloy steel) and stops the conveyor in case of foreign metal is found on it or controls the metal removal mechanism.

Crushed stone production

The use of medium and fine crushing cone, hammer and rotary crushers in crushed stone factories obliges them to use conveyor metal detectors to protect them from foreign metal objects. In particular, the industry is focusing on the ability of the metal detector to detect foreign fragments of manganese steel that enter the production line as parts of drill bits and excavator teeth.

Metal detectors "Barrier" were originally developed with the ability to detect manganese steel. The latest versions of the conveyor metal detectors "Barrier" are able to detect manganese steel with the same sensitivity as iron.

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